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We inform that due to governamental restrictions we are forced to close our studio until 14th of February.

1. Please book your spot in our classes in advance. You will not be able to attend the class without a previous booking.

2. We are reducing the number of participants to 4 people per pole class and 8 people per stretching class.

3. Please use the disinfectant gel provided by the studio upon arrival.

4.Make sure to clean your your pole with a disinfectant spray and a cloth after the class.

5. We will not be using yoga mats (apart from stretching classes) you may bring your own if you choose.

6. Bring your own towel to participate in stretching classes. Towels will not be provided.

7. Small props, such as blocks and elastic bands will not be used.

8. Every participant will have their own cloth to clean the pole during class.

9. If you have flu like symptoms, have been in contact with anyone who has COVID-19, please do not attend classes for the next 14 days.

Our students and instructor's safety is our top priority.

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